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A Very Warm Welcome!

Do you wonder who you really are beyond your strategies and adaptive mechanisms?

Do you long to experience directly what your deepest essence is?
And where you come from as a soul?

Who are you beyond what you can think, analyse and philosophize about yourself?
Why do you exist and what is your purpose as soul and as a human being?

Are you looking for someone to support you on your journey of healing and self-exploration?
Someone to guide you through the landscape of your heart? 
So that you can land deeper and deeper into your sacred soul essence?


Are you longing to truly embody that Love
from which you were created as a child of DivineBeing?

Do you have the feeling that traumas & confusions from your childhood/adolescence have not yet been emotionally digested/integrated? Do you feel that you are not yet fully conscious of yourself? That you are living more of a conditioned, strategic, adapted Self than embodying who & what you naturally are in Essence? Are you longing to really get to know yourself?

Do you have a vague or even clear sense of brokenness/dividedness within you? As if your Soul Being does not fit into your humaness? Or as if your spiritual stillness & love do not fit into your man/womanhood? Do you feel that something deep inside you is deeply wounded, lost or wrong? Are you longing to rediscover, feel, experience and embody your true essential goodness and wholeness?

Are you interested in what your past lives have to do with your current challenges and wish you had more conscious access to them?

Are you seeking enlightenment? Or do you long for awakening from the supremacy of your mind; for a directly and nakedly felt Now in the context of stillness/space/depth/infinity/peace? Do you long for a deeply felt truth that comes not from thinking/analysing/philosophising but from heart realisation and soul wisdom?

Have you perhaps already had an enlightenment/awakening experience and would like to be guided to integrate it more deeply and embody it more fully in your daily life and relationships?

Or has your awakening experience left you in a place of confusion; a sense of no longer being viable in society and you need help to find your Sacred SoulSelf again in the Vastness-Allness-Nothingness-Stillness-EternalPeace?

What if you could have and embody both: a sense of individual Selfhood AND NonDuality, without any contradiction at all?


Are you tired of believing in God? Or tired of rejecting the idea of God altogether? Tired of being an atheist simply because faith is too dumb for you? Are you instead longing for a direct experience of the Divine; for a consciously experienced, fully lived relationship with the UltimateLove of the DivineParentBeing?

Are you fed up, wounded by or simply dissatisfied with what religion has to offer? Do you feel that you are neither inherently bad because of some original sin, nor that your sense of Self is simply an illusion?

Have you tried many psychological & spiritual paths that may have done real good for many of the people you know, only you are always left hungry or with more questions?


Do you have very specific questions?

  • About parenting/parenthood?

  • About how to heartfully and healthily deal with "difficult" children/teens?

  • About abuse issues?

  • Sexuality & sexual orientation?

  • Gender identity?

  • Adoption?

  • Trauma from spiritual teachers/church?

  • Anything completely different?

Don't hesitate to bring to the sessions with me whatever is on your mind and in your heart! 

The sessions can take place via Skype, or if you live in or near the south of Co. Sligo, Ireland, you can also attend in person.

Feel free to contact me for further questions at


I will work on translating more texts into English in the future. Until then, please be so kind as to put the existing German texts through a good translation programme yourself to deepen your study of InDivinality.

If you want to know more about how to explore WHO you are, please translate & read the text about the Heart Dialogue Dharma.
If you want to explore more deeply WHERE YOU COME FROM AS A SOUL, please translate & read the text about the Soul Dialogue Dharma
If you want to explore more deeply WHAT YOU ARE BEYOND YOUR MIND, please translate & read the text about the Source Dialogue Dharma/path of awakening
If you want to explore more deeply WHY YOU EXIST & WHAT YOUR DEEPEST ESSENCE IS AS CHILD OF THE DIVINE, please translate & read the text about the Source Dialogue Dharma/Path of Surrendering

Information on my fee:
60 minutes €100
75 minutes €125
90 minutes €150

Couple session: 120 minutes €240
plus VAT (13,5%)

Cancellation deadlines for individual/couple sessions
As Heart Dialogue sessions with me last between 60 and 120 minutes, the agreed time is reserved exclusively for one client (or one couple). Therefore, I reserve the right to charge in full for appointments that have not been cancelled at least 48 hours in advance, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

Treatment conditions/Disclaimer
Users of our website make use of our information at their own risk. We do not accept any responsibility for any real or subjectively perceived harm that may result from the use of our written information or in personal work with us. We do not make any healing promises with our texts and personal teachings, talks, individual consultations and seminars and do not guarantee in any way any psychological, emotional, physical or spiritual "result". 
Federal law states that certain physical/psychological illnesses (e.g. acute psychoses) may only be treated by licensed medical physicians. Anyone who contacts us with emotional, physical and/or spiritual challenges, illnesses or other issues to work with InDivinality does so with the full understanding that we are not doctors or psychiatrists. We do not claim at any point that our services are a substitute for medical/psychological treatment.
InDivinality facilitator Iona von der Werth has a certified alternative practitioner's (Heilpraktiker) licence under German law. On this basis she is legally allowed to work therapeutically with people, both physically and psychologically. In addition, she has developed professionally over many years on the basis of her individual spiritual gifts and has continued to deepen her seat of being through her own ongoing inner healing processes. What she offers on this basis in and through InDivinality can be described as alternative-medical, alternative-psychotherapeutic, holistic, individual-emotional, transpersonal-spiritual and intuitive soul guidance.
you contact Iona for her services, you fully and without exception agree to take full responsibility for your own emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical and mental health and all decisions you make in these domains. This applies both in the personal encounters with Iona and in all life situations outside the direct InDivinality work.

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